Simple slot machine strategies that work

Simple slot machine strategies that work

A gambling game’s outcome is impossible to anticipate. Furthermore, many of the suggested strategies for winning are nothing more than urban legends. When these elements are considered together, it may appear that there is no viable approach for slot machines. Fortunately, this is only partially correct.

There is no such thing as a “hit” on a slot machine. Casinos and game developers have invested a significant amount of effort and money to ensure that these games cannot be consistently won. However, there are things you may take to increase your chances of winning.

If you prefer the pragmatism of real life to pipe dreams, memorise the following exit techniques and use them everytime you step foot in a casino or log into a virtual facility. While your profit/loss ratio may not improve immediately, you will undoubtedly be in a better position over time.
Keep an eye for high advertised payback rates.

Some casinos may advertise slots with a set payback percentage, such as 98 percent or 97.5 percent, in order to attract customers. Because the casino has just revealed the predicted long-term profit, this is always a sensible move (such information is usually closely guarded). However, be wary of deceptive methods, as “up to 99 percent return” does not imply “guaranteed 99 percent return.”

Maintain control of your bank account.

Check your financial management and calculate how much money you can afford to lose before you start playing at a casino. You shouldn’t play first if you can’t afford to lose any. Set a number and never play it again if you have a particular amount of discretionary income. This can mean the difference between a successful session and one where you have to borrow money or pay late.

Always follow the game’s instructions.

More and more slot machines are incorporating skill characteristics, and these machines frequently provide basic tips on how to succeed in such game components. It is always a good idea to follow such advise unless you have planned a game and know a specific tactic.

Instead, play a board game.

While slot machines are entertaining, they are also one of the most dangerous ways to lose money in a casino. They rely almost entirely on the element of chance, and the machine can continue for years without paying out the highest prize. Table Games, on the other hand, provide higher odds and opportunities for interaction with other players.

Keep your ticket safe.

When you win the jackpot, the machine prints a ticket that you can redeem at the cashier window. While it’s normal to be overjoyed following a huge victory, don’t forget to collect your ticket. If you do, someone else may take your ticket and walk out of the casino with your money.

Get a Player Card and put it to good use.

The casino keeps track of how many bets are placed at their location by using player cards. If you’re a regular player, you may expect to be rewarded for your protection in the form of packages, which sometimes include free dinners, hotel accommodations, or show tickets. Sanctions can change a casino’s otherwise lost session into a lucrative gaming excursion because you don’t pay for these products.

Play with real reels.

Games with genuine reels are soon becoming obsolete. However, if you come across one, it’s a good idea to phone it. Because these games nearly always have a higher payout percentage than their virtual counterparts, this is the case. This is because amazing video slots take longer to play, therefore the casino has to make up for lost time by spending more money.

Gradually and gradually

You can satisfy your gambling urges while limiting your losses by playing at a modest game pace. This may not have a significant impact on the approach, but we’ve seen folks lose their whole bank account in five minutes of sitting down. Don’t be one of them people.

Simple games have a better chance of winning.

While huge games with spinning wheels and eye-catching TV screens are popular, they are not always the most profitable. This is because casinos know that these games will always attract people, therefore they may eliminate them by lowering the payout rate. Basic machines, on the other hand, have greater probabilities of smoothing out their more direct representation.

Avoid sweeping changes across the country.

Sure, hitting Nevada in the state of Megabucks and becoming a multimillionaire would be fantastic. However, the odds are stacked against you, and you’re likely to walk away with far less money if you fish for the top payout. Because 21 cents of every dollar wagered is allocated to either the jackpot or the casino win, this is the case. This does not leave much money for the player with lower profits to be refunded.

Higher denominations have a larger chance of winning.

A game with a greater face value can afford to offer bigger profits since it will eventually earn more money from participants. Stick to games with a greater minimum stake to take advantage of this. For example, in a nickel game, playing one coin per line is better than playing five coins per line in a penny game (even if you spend the same amount of money on both).



Different types of incentives, including as welcome bonuses, no deposit incentives, free spin bonuses, and special incentives, can be offered. The conditions you must meet for each of them, as well as the costs they give, are varied. Check out our guide to the different sorts of casino bonuses to learn more about how they function.

Bonuses on deposits

The deposit bonus is a cash benefit that will be added to your account after you make your first deposit. Deposit bonuses are sometimes combined with additional enticing benefits, like as spin bonuses and other freebies.
Deposit bonuses are frequently given based on the quantity of money you deposit on your site; you will seldom come across a website that offers a fixed sum of money as a reward. In this instance, you may be eligible for a 50% deposit bonus, which means that if you deposit € 100, you will receive an additional € 50 as a bonus.

These bonuses are frequently subject to a cap (most casinos set a maximum bonus of € 200). Before you may withdraw your bonus revenue, you must also deposit a certain amount of your own money into the website.

Bonus with no deposit

No deposit bonuses are free spins or a little amount of credit money that you may earn on any casino site without having to commit financially to the business. They are sometimes referred to as the most challenging forms of bonuses. While these bonuses are free, meeting the requirements to be paid is quite challenging.

Before you may withdraw your winnings from the site, you must wager at least 30 times your winnings on other bets.

Free spins are an added benefit.

Free spin bonuses have recently become quite popular, owing to the fact that the casino does not give you a specific quantity or percentage of money, but instead allows you to play popular slot games without any restrictions.

You will have to use a particular amount of your own money before you can withdraw the money you earn from these free spins, depending on how much you win.

Some online casinos may give you free spins after you make your first deposit, requiring you to complete less requirements than if the spins were given out for free. Other websites, for example, may offer you 10 or 20 free spins, but you must wager a significant amount of money to win.

Bonuses for loyalty

Most online casinos provide loyalty benefits as part of their loyalty programmes. The best loyalty bonuses can be found in the greatest VIP programmes on the internet.

For their long-term players, most casinos conduct special tournaments. These bonuses are normally the most beneficial, but they are also the most difficult to get. Before you can profit from a loyalty bonus, you may need to be a member of an online casino for more than a year or wager a certain amount of money.

These advantages aren’t confined to specific categories of rewards, either. Furthermore, depending on the casino, they can be seen in a variety of formats. We’ve seen numerous casinos offer exceptional prizes in loyalty contests, where players can win a free trip across the world or pay for a vacation in a five-star hotel.

Some loyalty awards aren’t related to wagers or long-term clients. After only a few months of playing at a casino, you may be eligible for a loyalty bonus. Lower withdrawal limitations or even greater bonuses in some slot games are some of the rewards you may receive.

Because these benefits are related to what each casino wants to offer, you must determine which casino gives the finest loyalty bonuses and what the terms and conditions are for each casino.

Bonuses in online casinos are explained.

Bonuses in online casinos are explained.

Different types of bonuses are available at different online casinos, which can lead to misconceptions, confusion, and unnecessary worry if you don’t know what they are. I’ll try to explain the various incentives to you in this section. Before you can withdraw your earnings, all bonuses have a pass condition, so be sure you understand what this is and which games are authorised and which are not. Use the free online casino bonus calculator to figure out how much you need to bet.

What does an online casino’s gaming or wagering requirements imply?
Let me try to clarify the go-through or wagering requirements before we get into the different sorts of bonuses. The majority of their arguments or uncertainty arise at this time.

Example: Before you can cash out, you must wager your deposit plus bonus 20 times. (These figures vary by casino.) You deposit $100 and receive a $100 bonus, giving you a total of $200 to play with. Before you can think about increasing your gains, you must bet this $ 200 at least 20 times. This means you’ll have to wager $4,000 in order to win.

The casino may state that you must only play your bonus a particular number of times. So, in the example above, you start with $ 200, but $ 100 must be played 20 times before you can withdraw the money, which means you must place bets worth at least $ 2,000.

Another thing to keep in mind is which games are permitted and which are not. Almost all casinos do not allow specific games to be played in this method. This implies that even if you have placed $10,000 in blackjack bets, your overall game will still be zero, and you will be unable to withdraw funds. Some casinos will also let you play blackjack with a bonus, but with a greater throughput requirement. This is the scenario when only half of the wagering requirements are met when playing BlackJack. It’s all math, as you can see. But it’s necessary if you want to increase your winnings at some time.

I can’t emphasise this enough: read the terms and conditions at each casino you join because they are all different.

An online casino bonus calculator, where you can only play at different sums and percentages to better understand the notion of wagering requirements, is also a fantastic place to start.

Bonus with no deposit

This is the most straightforward of all the perks. You only need to create a real player account with the casino that is offering this bonus in order to receive your funds. It is not necessary to make a deposit in order to get it. It may be automatically deposited to your account, or you may be required to redeem the bonus via email or a submission form on their website. But, in essence, it’s really straightforward.

Various casinos may have different bonus restrictions, so make sure you read their conditions and understand the rules. One of the restrictions, for example, could be the maximum amount you can raise with this bonus. Some casinos may not have a cap, but they will ask you to make a subscription deposit before you may withdraw your earnings.

Bonus on top of the match

When you make a deposit at the casino, you will receive this bonus. They are a portion of your deposit that corresponds to your deposit. For instance, the casino will give you a 100% bonus up to $ 200. This means they’ll give you 100% free money on any deposit you make up to $ 200. or. You deposit $ 100 and receive an additional $ 100 in bonus money, bringing your total play money to $ 200; alternatively, you deposit $ 150 and receive an additional $ 150 in bonus money, bringing your total play money to $ 300.
This incentive is typically given to new online casino players who make their initial deposit. When it comes to these incentives, the percentage is normally taken into account to calculate the value of your money.



Play Pontoon Casino Online

Pontoon is the British variation of the classic casino table game, Blackjack. There is some debate over the origins of the game, but it was most likely derived from Vingt-en-Un (literally meaning “21”), a French game played in the 17th century. It also incorporated aspects of a game known as Seven-and-a-Half which introduced the concept of going bust. The game was brought to the US at the time of the French Revolution. The English variant Pokies and the American variant are very similar, but the slight differences in rules can affect the strategy you use to play so it is important to understand them.

Playing Online Pontoon

Since the mid-1990s when the first online casinos were launched, players from around the world have had access to a wide range of blackjack variants. You are now able to play online pontoon wherever you find yourself in the world, thanks to Casino Pokie of Rapunzel, available also in mobile version. Its rules are simple to learn and by following pontoon strategy you can reduce the house edge.

The Aim of Pontoon

As with classic blackjack, the aim of the game is to achieve a total hand value of closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, without going bust. Each card in the game has a value and these are added together to produce your total hand value. Cards two through ten have their face value, face cards are valued as ten and Ace is valued as one or eleven depending on your total hand value.

Pontoon Rules

To begin a game, players must place their bets. You will then be dealt two cards face up, while the dealer will be dealt two cards face down. A hand value of 21 on your first two cards is known as a “pontoon” and this is the highest ranking hand. Players will then play their hand in the same way as in classic blackjack. Some version use different terms to describe the actions that a player can take on their hand, but the RTG game uses the same familiar terms as classic blackjack. Players can take a number of actions on their hand, including:

  • Hit – receive another card. You can continue to hit until you choose to stand or you go bust. You can hit up to five times per hand.
  •  In order to stand, you must have either five cards or a total hand value of 15 or more.
  • Double – double your ante bet and receive one more card to end your turn.
  • Split – If your first two cards have the same value, you can split them into two separate hands played with two separate bets. Two cards valuing 21 in one hand is considered a pontoon after splitting.

There is no insurance bet in pontoon as the dealer has no up-card. Once you have completed your hand, the dealer will play his hand. The dealer must play according to the house rules of the casino – hit on a hard 16 or less and hit on a soft 17 or less and stand on a hard 17 or more or any five-card hand. The player will then be paid out for any wins. The dealer wins all ties in pontoon. Pontoon and a five-card hand pay out 2:1. Other wins (closer to 21 than the dealer without going bust or the dealer going bust, but your hand being under 21) pays out even money.

Pontoon Strategy

There are different variations of this game so it is important to follow basic strategy for the variation you are playing. Playing online Pontoon gives you the distinct advantage of being able to keep a pontoon strategy card next to you at all times. Follow this basic strategy and you can reduce the house edge in the game to as low as about 0.5%. Check out Pontoon – Wizard of Odds for more info.



Pokies – The Queens of the Casino


Slots are by far the most popular type of game at any online casino. Here at Midas Casino we understand how much our players love slots games and we offer a huge suite of game titles. We have a wide range of game types, bet sizes and themes – something to suit all types of players at our casino. Many online casinos use their pokies to attract players as they have become one of the symbols of a casino and we are no different. You will find a range of slots games under our Most Popular list in the casino lobby and you will find these are just a selection of the great games we offer.

The Simplicity of the Game

One of the reasons for the popularity of online pokies is the simplicity of these games. The rules are easy to learn making them straightforward to understand and play. For the most part you can just place a bet and click on the button to start the reels spinning. You then sit back and wait for the symbols to stop to see if they have landed on a winning combination. If you play a game with a bonus round, these bonus games are usually very simple to play Online Pokies Australia.

Fantastic Features

Software providers have spent a lot of time developing the technology of pokies to create new games that have bigger and better features and game play online gaming history. There is a lot of competition between online casinos and they attempt to attract players to their sites through their slots games and their features. Some of these features include wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, free spins, re-spins, bonus feature games and much more.

Amazing Choice

There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to playing pokies online. At Casino Midas NZ we have 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots, real series of slots games and progressive jackpot slots games. Among these games you can find an amazing selection of themes, with just about any theme you can think of. Whether you prefer classic themes or science fiction, history or art, you will be able to find a game with that theme. In addition, there are games to suit all sizes of bankrolls. There are games that accept a wide range of coin denominations and games that accept a wide range of number of coins, resulting in very small bets to very large bets per spin. Players can choose the type of machine, the bet size and the theme to suit their personal preferences.

Top Winnings

Playing pokies online gives you the chance to win huge payouts for small bets. This is one of the major attractions of slots games. The game is simple to play with basic rules and yet players can win amazing cash prizes. This is particularly true for progressive jackpot games, but is also true for regular slots games as their bonus features and maximum payouts can be quite impressive. We offer some huge-paying slots games for players to choose from.

Pokie of Rapunzel

Pokie of Rapunzel

Hairway to Heaven: the Pokie of Rapunzel

Not to be confused with the Led Zepplin great success (whose title seems to have inspired the name of this slot), Hairway to Heaven is a Slot with a theme based on the fantasy story of the Rapunzel. This exciting RTG option available in the Casino Midas New Zealand lobby has 50 play lines and five reels. It has so much winning potential, playing this game makes the possibility of living happily ever after an even better one!

The Setup

With 50 play lines, this is one of our most in-depth Pokies. We recommend that you play all fifty slots, because it skyrockets your chances of winning, and you can win off of multiple lines per spin. You are going for multiplier payouts, so the higher your bet per line, the higher your wins will be. Your total wager, represented in the bet box at the top, is the bet per line and the number of lines you play multiplied together. No matter what you set these to, you can always win the Minor or Major Progressive Jackpots! While the prior is lower than the latter, they’re both excitingly very high!

Substitute Symbol

The Princess herself is the Substitute symbol, and she can take the place of any other symbol including the Scatter to create winning combinations. She only appears on the third reel, but if she stops on it, she takes up the whole thing, applying to multiple lines at once. If she creates a winning combination, she doubles the multiplier! She’s a stairway to heaven-like wins personified. Four Castle Symbols along a line with the Princess results in the Fixed Jackpot multiplier of 4,000x your bet per line!

Scatter and Bonus Games

The Scatter Symbol is the Prince. Lining up Scatters results in multipliers that apply to your total wager, not just your bet per line, and the Princess still doubles it! You need at least four to result in this payout, but you only need three to trigger the free games feature. If it’s just three Scatters without the Princess online gaming history, the Princess Pays feature is triggered, where you’re given 10 free spins and prizes are tripled when the Princess is part of a winning combo. If the Princess is part of the Scatter, the Hairway to Heaven feature is triggered, where you can win up to 20 free spins, the Princess takes up all of reel three, and the multipliers increase as you play games like pay dirt!

Stairway to Winnings

Let down your hair, relax, and have fun playing Hairway to Heaven, where you can win more credits than strands of the Princess’ hair. Think of it as a Stairway to Heaven, wherein heaven involves swimming in a sea of golden Casino Midas credits! Check out Rapunzel’s tower Pokie Slot Game for more.

Online Gaming History

Online Gaming History

The Unlimited World of Online Gaming

Online casinos have been available since 1994 when the government of Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade & Processing act, the first law that allowed licenses for the online gaming business.

Following this revolutionary event, the first software providers started producing games and powering gaming sites like Pay Dirt!. The whole industry flourished and the options for online casino players multiplied exponentially in few years. Since the launch of online casino software, there have been major strides in the industry and technology, services and features have improved substantially. New games, new fascinating features and new enticing promotions have been the “weapons” of an incessant competition among the operators and among software providers. Our history of online gaming has always been in the front line of this restless competition: our lobby is the clear example of the huge effort that is constantly made to expand the available portfolio and to improve the gaming experience.

Online gaming is nowadays a well accredited entertainment choice of millions of people all around the world. Easy to access, relatively cheap as a hobby and extremely pleasant, New Zealanders consider it a good way to relax and have fun after an intense day at work or during a quiet day of vacation.

Online Gaming Evolution

While learning to love online gaming Pontoon, players became also more demanding in terms of quality of the games and of the service.

Casino Midas NZ represented one of the best answers to New Zealanders players’ more sophisticated needs. Its incredible variety of table games (roulette of all types, (blackjack etc.) and poker machines guarantees all players continuous excitement and infinite winning possibility. Generous promotions and special prizes are another way to demonstrate the value that each and every player has for us and our customers seem to enjoy our treats very much.

The evolution of online gaming passes also through technological development, which has been huge in the last decade. One of the milestones of this evolution is 2004, when mobile casino games were first launched. This has revolutionized the gaming industry that keeps changing to adapt itself to this omnipresent technology.

Casino Midas never stays behind when it comes to improving the gaming experience of his players. A great mobile and tablet version has been already implemented (and it is continuously updated!) and New Zealanders players have been using it with great satisfaction since then.

Pay Dirt!

Pay Dirt!

Play Pay Dirt Online!

Pay Dirt is a 5 reel, 25 payline video slots game that will take you on a wild adventure searching for your Eldorado. It is part of the Real Series of RTG and it is available at Casino Midas New Zealand. Thanks to its unique theme and its exciting features, Pay Dirt is one of the most appreciated games in our casino lobby. This slot includes a wild symbol, scatter symbol, multiplier and free spins bonus round. It includes also a random progressive jackpot that is available for all players, as well as a maximum fixed jackpot of 10,000 coins.

Theme and Symbols

Pay Dirt has a mining theme that takes players on a journey to strike it lucky while mining for gold. The crisp, clear graphics include symbols such as a gold nugget, a Pay Dirt sign, a mine, a miner, a bandit, a mining cart full of gold, a donkey, a dog with a gold nugget in its mouth, dynamite, a lantern, a pickaxe and a gold pan. The gold nugget is the wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols, except the scatter symbol to complete a winning combination. It appears only on reels 2 and 4 during the base game. When it is used to complete a winning combination, it multiplies the win by 3x. The wild symbol can appear stacked with up to three symbols stacked, covering a reel. The Pay Dirt sign is the scatter symbol and it pays out when three or more land anywhere on the reels. It is also the key to triggering the Bonus Feature Round. The mine is the jackpot symbol and spinning five of these on an active payline triggers the maximum fixed jackpot payout of 10,000 coins.

Bonus Feature Round

There are three bonus games within the bonus feature round – Gold Rush, Gold Fever and Strike it Lucky. Spinning three or more Pay Dirt sign scatter symbols anywhere on the reels triggers the bonus feature round. You will need to select one of the Pay Dirt signs to reveal the feature you will play Pokies.

Gold Rush – Players are awarded 12 free spins with grouped gold nugget wild symbols appearing on any reel. The free spins can be re-triggered with the additional 12 free spins added to your remaining total of free spins. 

Gold Fever – Players are awarded 5 free spins with a stacked wild reel on reel 3 for the duration of the free spins. The free spins can be re-triggered with the additional 5 free spins added to your remaining total number of free spins. An infinite number of free spins can be awarded.

Strike it Lucky – Players will be taken to a screen with five gold mines and you will need to select one of them. Players can win additional picks and each mine selected will reveal a bonus symbol. Ten free spins will be awarded and during the free spins any bonus symbol that appears will be replaced with a gold nugget wild symbol. The free spins Pontoon can be re-triggered with an additional 10 free spins added to your remaining total number of spins. An infinite number of free spins can be awarded.

Skill Stop Feature

Among all types of pokies, those belonging to the Real Series have special features that make the gaming experience unique and unbeatable. One of the most peculiar features is the Skill Stop Feature that allows you to click the reels to stop them spinning at any time. The feature is optional and if you choose not to use it, the reels will come to a stop on their own.

Progressive Jackpot

A portion of all bets in the game contributes toward the progressive jackpot which continues to grow until it is won, at which point it resets to its base level. The progressive jackpot in the Pay Dirt pokie is awarded randomly and can be won at the end of any regular game. All players are eligible to win the progressive jackpot, regardless of the size of their bet or the number of coins bet with; although the larger your bet, the higher your chance of winning the jackpot. Check out Paydirt (game) at wiki for more info.